Monday, October 18, 2010

Benjamin Button

I have just finished watching a movie entitle “Curious case of Benjamin Button”. It was about a man who was born old. I mean physically old but his mental was just like other children. His mother died after giving birth to him and his father hardly accepted his condition. Well, it must be difficult for his father, so he sent him to the old folk’s house. There, he lived like an old man. But, no one understood his feelings of wanted to be free and to be given chances learning like other children.

To make it short, he grew up and turned to someone charming, got married and had a beautiful daughter. Yet, he realized that one day he would be younger than today and certainly gave his wife and his daughter the hassle of taking care of him. So, he left and gave all his money to them. One day, his wife got a call from the children’s welfare. Benjamin Button was found in a very aged building alone. With him was a diary, a journey of his strange life and her address. Starting from that day, she took care of him. He forgot her name and even his own name. People thought that he was sick but she knew that he was senile. While she gradually became older and older, he changed and turned to be younger and younger until he forgot how to walk and how to speak. He died as a baby when she was really old on her lap.

It was a sad story. The love between them is so strong and eternal. They accept their partners as who they are. Yes, he left her, but for her good. There are two main themes in this movie. Love and grateful is a good combination of the themes. When everyone in real life terrified of being old, Benjamin Button scared of being young. He preferred to be normal like other people. He wanted to experience school, friends and many more but he was too old (physically) to do so. When his mental was ready to be a father, he was physically too young to be his daughter’s father. “I want to be an old, wise man to our daughter and not her buddy”. Don’t you think that Allah have created everything perfectly? We were asked to learn and work when we are young so that we won’t face any problem in the future. Our physical and mental parts move equivalently in order to balance our needs. What we have to do is to be grateful of what we are. Use your time wisely and remember death has no time to calculate your age.

To be grateful is not just saying thank you but to appreciate every single moments in our lives especially with our loved ones. Spending times with them and make sure that the people we love in a good condition is not so easy. It needs sacrifice just like what Benjamin did when he left his family. He sacrificed the feeling that he had. But somehow, love means together, both in happiness and sorrow. Whatever we do, we still turn to someone we love. In the end, Benjamin went back to his wife.

Sometimes, we always hope that we are unique. We want to be someone extraordinary, someone with special talent. We forgot that we don’t have to have special gift to be extraordinary because everyone is unique. We are unique in our own ways.

Sometimes, we are looking for something as a reason to be loved by others. We forgot that love is not an exclusive feeling. It is not for certain people, it is for everyone. It doesn’t happen for millions different reason. It happens for a usual one. It happens because of who you are.

We may not be able to be someone extraordinary

But we can make someone feels extraordinary

And if someone has ever said that you made him or her felt extraordinary,

You must know that you are special to that someone.

And if now or one day you do feel extraordinary

That’s mean someone special has come into your life.

He or she may be our Mr. Right or Miss Perfect today

But one day, when we feel tired of our surrounding

Remind ourselves that he or she is just someone ordinary like us

But he or she has made us feel extraordinary when we were just an ordinary one.