Monday, January 30, 2012

A lonesome and vacant island

When I woke up this morning, I found myself on a lonely

I looked around and saw no one. It was all empty.Sorrow came and greeted me, "Hi, who are you looking for?There is no one here".

I sat there silently on the white, soft sand. I told Sorrow "Keep yourself far from me, because this morning I have an appointment with someone special."

I ran into the forest hurriedly. I shouldn't be late.

There was a  beautiful

with crystal clear water."Masya Allah,it's beautiful", I whisper gently.

In this place, there was no one except us. Only us. I cleaned myself and wore the best cloth I ever have.

On that green, peaceful setting, we had such a wonderful meeting.

And as usual,it was me who talks a lot. =) Asking for attention,requesting for love and crying for every little thing.

Sometimes I wonder, how could I be so selfish?Meeting just to share everything about me? My happiness. My pleasure. My joy. My contentment. My sadness. My misery. My depression.It's all about me.

The universe sounds quietly. Notify me to close my eyes and feel the wind and the softness of the voice.

HE is somewhere looking, specially and personally for me.
HE is so close. Too near though can't be seen and touched.
HE is listening. Patiently and Uncomplainingly.
Then, HE blows HIS strengths so I'm tough enough to face the day.

HE reminds me, "Don't be late this afternoon. I will be here. Always here waiting for you".

In this lonesome and vacant island...who else will accompany me?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Show me the one as great as Allah

I’m preparing notes for my students as their references for 15 weeks of classes. But the other side of my inquisitive mind keeps thinking of the book I have been reading since last week. I would like to recommend but I guess I need to finish it first. Still, I believe that a good book is a book that can keep your interest from the starting point until the last page. In fact, you may have the idea to buy another book of the same author. =)

Al-Quran is the best book ever. Why? If you read Al-Quran, I’m sure you understand enough what I mean. We don’t need a professor to explain and elucidate the feeling of reading Al-Quran. You yourself can sense the feeling every time you read the Quran. If you don’t believe me, experience it by yourself. And it is much better if you read it together with the translation as it will bring you into another subject of science, history, health and many more.

However, not all the translation can be easily understood. Well, it is normal as Al-Quran is not a low-priced book. It is exclusively created by the Greatest King (Allah S.W.T) in the universe with a high class artistic language which none of human could formulate not even the same one. Besides, Al-Quran has been guaranteed to be unchangeable. Ironically, this book is given to everyone without any charge, request payment nor deposit. HE has shown that HE is not only powerful but also generous. Can you show me any king just as generous as HIM? NO!

As HE is the one who invented the Al-Quran and the human, definitely HE knows better what is the best for us. Therefore, HE sent a magnificent human to teach us how to read and comprehend HIS words. Go and buy any book in the bookstall, will you get any translator that can explain and demonstrate to you every of the sentence the whole of his life? NO!  But Muhammad S.A.W did it. After what Allah S.W.T had granted us, I feel so embarrassed to still not understand HIS book. No, it’s not HIS fault or Rasulullah S.A.W fault. It is my fault. As an educator, I am aware of the concept of teaching and learning. Give as much as you can to your students, but if he didn’t want to open his heart and searches more. He will forget what had been taught to him.

Searching. Yes, that’s the word. The only way to understand this universe and all its mystery. And I’m wrong. How do I know I’m wrong? “Bertanya Tentang Tuhan” by Ibnu Rijal coached me to another word in order to comprehend the truth which is observing. Don’t take me wrong. Ibnu Rijal just showed me the word that had been written down thousand years ago in the Al-Quran.

The book assists me to appreciate every little thing in Al-Quran. No wonder all words and numbers in Al-Quran have their own meanings.  In fact, we can find a lot of disciplines including architecture.  Looking at HIS power, I feel that we human are just small tiny mini powerless creatures.

Trust me.

If you don’t,
Can you show me any great architect as great as Allah S.W.T who has built the sky; a tremendous structure that stood up for countless years without pillar?


Masya Allah.