Monday, January 30, 2012

A lonesome and vacant island

When I woke up this morning, I found myself on a lonely

I looked around and saw no one. It was all empty.Sorrow came and greeted me, "Hi, who are you looking for?There is no one here".

I sat there silently on the white, soft sand. I told Sorrow "Keep yourself far from me, because this morning I have an appointment with someone special."

I ran into the forest hurriedly. I shouldn't be late.

There was a  beautiful

with crystal clear water."Masya Allah,it's beautiful", I whisper gently.

In this place, there was no one except us. Only us. I cleaned myself and wore the best cloth I ever have.

On that green, peaceful setting, we had such a wonderful meeting.

And as usual,it was me who talks a lot. =) Asking for attention,requesting for love and crying for every little thing.

Sometimes I wonder, how could I be so selfish?Meeting just to share everything about me? My happiness. My pleasure. My joy. My contentment. My sadness. My misery. My depression.It's all about me.

The universe sounds quietly. Notify me to close my eyes and feel the wind and the softness of the voice.

HE is somewhere looking, specially and personally for me.
HE is so close. Too near though can't be seen and touched.
HE is listening. Patiently and Uncomplainingly.
Then, HE blows HIS strengths so I'm tough enough to face the day.

HE reminds me, "Don't be late this afternoon. I will be here. Always here waiting for you".

In this lonesome and vacant island...who else will accompany me?